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Flow-It™ ALC™ Flowable Composite

Category: Dental Services

Flow-It!® ALC™ Flowable Composite is an accelerated light-cured, flowable hybrid composite for Class V, small Class I and III restorations, as a primary "wetting" layer for composite restorations, and for repair of marginal defects. The introductory kit contains 6, 1-ml syringes in Vita shades A1, A2, A3, B2, C3 and Universal Opaque with a supply of needle syringe tips.Flow-It! ALC is also available in 22 additional shades. The value pack contains 6 syringes of a single color and a supply of tips. The manufacturer recommends that this material be stored at room temperature rather than in the refrigerator. Recommended curing time with a high-speed light is 3 seconds with a final increment cure of 6 seconds. With a conventional light, the recommended curing time is 10 seconds with a final increment cure of 20 seconds. Flow-It! ALC was evaluated by 24 consultants in over 650 applications. Flow-It! ALC is a highly recommended flowable composite. It received a 92% rating.

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