Dental Laboratory

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Manufacturer: bio-art

Vacuum Forming Machine Plastvac P7   A powerful motor generates the vacuum automatically at the instant of conformation. More practicle. APPLICATIONS: Mouth protector; Matrix for composed resin; Provisory bridge; Copings; Brackets...

Manufacturer: bio-art

Surveyor Surveyor B2 (Parallelometer)   Bio-Art´s Surveyor model B2 is the conventional model. Though low cost, it still ensures precision and high quality laboratory work. This surveyor is supplied with a table and a set of standard gauge...

Manufacturer: bio-art

Sheets for Trays   Round and Square plates APPLICATIONS: CRYSTAL PLATE 1,0 / 1,5 / 2,0mm - PET-G • Bite plate (bruxism) / Base plate; • Space retainerTry-on of wax Surgical Guide   CRYSTAL PLATE 0,3mm - PVC  •...

Manufacturer: bio-art

Milling Machine 1000 N Machine   The innovative technology of Bio-Art milling machine ensures high precision work on fixed and removable protheses and fittings. The articulated and/or fixed arm is equipped with a micrometer, providing a high...

Manufacturer: bio-art

Magnifying Lens Light, practical and high visual performance, the magnifying lens is indispensable to enhance visualization in direct and/or indirect procedures. Ophthalmic lences with 2.5 or 3.5x magnification.   • Packing dimensions: (CxLxH)...


Unique Viscosities and Optimal Hydrophilicity Correct Plus Hydrophilic Impression Material is a versatile impression material designed to accommodate all impression techniques. A low contact angle of ˜30° guarantees outstanding detail in the presence of fluids. ...